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Blairgowrie, Rattray and District Angling Association controls part of the fishing on the River Ericht covering some 6 miles of the river, on  the Blairgowrie bank. Association Membership is available to local residents only. Permits for non-members and visitors can be purchased at the two Blairgowrie tackle outlets for Salmon, Sea Trout or Brown Trout and Grayling fishing. These permits allow visitors to fish the BRDAA areas of the River Ericht (SEE MAP Here) and are available by Day, Week, or Season.

The Ericht had a fish counter installed for salmon in the river above Blairgowrie for some years, as part of the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board initiative, which showed the passage of an annually increasing amount of salmon over the period.

 The Association also offers its members, and guests of members, the opportunity to fish on two private lochs, Fingask Loch and Whiteloch near Blairgowrie, which are stocked with rainbow, blue and brown trout ranging from two to four pounds, on a regular basis throughout the year. Fishing is with fly from boat only and is restricted by the availability of association boats (bookable in advance by telephone or email here). Guests must be sponsored by a member. (See here for directions)

While on the boat waiting for the trout to bite, the angler is also able to experience the wildlife visiting these lochs - it is not unusual to have to try and avoid the ducks, swans, herons, ospreys and other feathered visitors that spend some of their time there during the different seasons. To minimise the risk of transferring unwanted contamination to the fish in the lochs, the Association requires that all nets and similar tackle are 'dipped' before use. Facilities are maintained at the Association boathouse to allow this.

For details of prices, conditions etc. on both the River Ericht and the lochs, please click here. For rules and regulations for fishing Association waters, please click here.

BRDAA is a supporter of youth angling, with members undergoing training in support of the local and national efforts of the Angling for Youth Development initiative (AFYD).

Check out the fishing weather and forecast here, before you go!

And always remember, as responsible anglers we help to keep the environment safe and tidy:



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