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Privacy Policy

Blairgowrie, Rattray and District Angling Association

Privacy Policy

  Start date 25/06/18

Our Data Privacy Policy and Statement. The policy content outlines why, when and how we collect personal information from our members and applicants. It also details how we store, use, and process the information, how it is secured, how data subjects can have access to it and if necessary how to contact the UK information commissioner using or Tel 03031231113.

Members, applicants and guests data is controlled by agreement of the Association committee members in accordance with the requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR) and the new Data Protection Act. This agreement is a process which may change as either the law or the Association’s requirements change. Updates to policy can be viewed on the website or hard copy available by request to the Secretary by letter. All enquiries relating to our GDPR policy or content should be addressed to the Secretary either via the Association website or by letter to the current Secretary. Our website address is:

` Personal data information we collect, its use and requirements.

Information data type

Used for what reason

Basis of legal requirement of use


Members or applicants names and addresses and date of birth (DOB)

Membership management and subscription payments records including age concessions

To enable membership contract to be executed.


Junior members names and parents or guardians details

Junior membership management also parent / guardian contact data

To enable membership contract to be executed.


Telephone or mobile number

Contact purposes

Information and Contact purpose


E-mail address

Contact purposes

Information and Contact purpose


Age related information

To track membership, to manage categories which are age related

To enable membership contract to be executed.


General Interest Photos Fish / competitions etc

Interest on website or media e.g. Facebook page

To promote association interests. Photos taken or used only with owners permission


Members Photographs

Identification of member and Validation; river bailiffs / ghillie

Management of membership status & eligibility to fish


Loch Anglers Names by day.

To monitor use / fees and for calculating income

Management of fees, monitoring lochs usage and health & safety


Sensitive Personal Data

Not required, requested or used



GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Information.

This regulation was introduced on May 25th 2018 by the European Union (EU) with the aim of establishing a harmonised framework enforceable in law to protect data subjects. This will return to these data subjects the control of their personal data. It imposes strict rules on organisations and individuals who process and host this data for any reason even from anywhere in the world if they wish to operate in the EU area.

There are two principal categories of information data included in GDPR in the United Kingdom (UK), as follows.

1. Personal Data; this can be anything that identifies directly or indirectly a living person. Examples include but are not limited to name, an address by location or via IP (Internet Protocol) address, automated personal data, telephone numbers, photograph of data subject, and pseudonymised data capable of being used to reveal a person's identity.

2. Sensitive Personal Data; these special categories of information include but are not limited to: religion, political opinions, racial or ethnic origin, mental or physical health issues, sexual orientation or habits, criminal records & trade union membership. This type of data is commonly anonymised before use for statistics calculations in surveys etc.

(Pseudonymisation; is a de-identification procedure by which personally identifiable information in a data record is / are replaced by one or more artificial identifiers, or pseudonyms. A single pseudonym is less identifiable for each replaced field or collection of replaced fields and makes the data record less recognisable whilst remaining suitable for data analysis and data processing. Anonymised Data; this method is used where certain data information is removed so that the remaining data cannot identify data subject(s).)

1. How and what personal data we collect.

Member’s information is given to the Association when applying for membership. The application form is a contract between the Association and the applicant for the purpose of our legitimate interest to operate the Association. The information is required to enable the Association to manage membership records, subscriptions, communication methods etc. Requested information includes name, date of birth, address, post code, date of first residence, signature, guardians or parents details where a junior member is concerned. (e-mail address, mobile or telephone numbers are all optional and if provided are not available to other members but may be used to inform anglers of news items, meeting dates and other relevant association information).
All members will be asked to have a photograph taken showing a true likeness for purposes of identification for lochs ghillie, bailiffs on the river and committee members operating as guardians of the Association for angling matters. This photograph is electronically stored and used for membership card production only.
Any member or applicant who objects to the storage of required data is invited to contact the Secretary to discuss the issue. As all data is non-sensitive and required for purposes of running the Association only, then it is hoped that this situation will not arise.

2. Protection of your personal data.

The complete data is stored electronically in generally accepted standard form and in hard copy. It is held by the Association Secretary only. An electronic copy of data is stored on disc and regularly updated. This copy is accessible to the Secretary only. It is our belief that this will protect personal data from unauthorised alteration, misuse or loss.

3. Who has access to your supplied data?

No data is shared or transferred by the Association to any third party for any reason inside or outside of the UK. Required data information in hard copy is supplied to Kate Fleming and staff as subscription payment controller and administrator of the member’s ticket production. The Association elected committee member who acts as administrator for membership fee collection and banking purposes also has a hard copy of required data. A member listing with limited data is displayed in Fingask boathouse which lists eligible membership status, names and membership numbers for booking boats and monitoring sponsored guests’ names whilst on the lochs.

4. How long will data be retained?

Electronic and hard copy data will be retained for the duration of membership and thereafter as is required to comply with legal obligations. As the data is limited to non sensitive details it may be used in future for reference in historical records or similar. Accounts of meetings and other required activities undertaken by the Association will be kept until deemed superfluous. Any known contentious material including correspondence or legal papers will be kept until deemed as of no further requirement. If required, members are welcome to request removal of historic data if desired in writing to the Secretary. Please note that no financial information data is requested from members and therefore no data of this type is retained in any way.

5. Juniors.

It is the Associations wish to encourage the pursuit of angling to eligible juniors. Junior members may be affiliated to another organisation which use our facilities and in such cases the organisation using our facilities is responsible for their members data.The data requested for association juniors includes information similar to all other members. Contact details for juniors are optional and in the case of a juniors application this data can be omitted and parent or guardians information used. The Association would prefer to have contact details for either the junior ( if agreed) or the parent / guardian for reasons of health and safety.

On behalf of the Association;  Peter Lock, Secretary.

Policy Introduction Date 25/06/18

Reviewed without change.   23/06/19, 20/06/20, 28/06/21.
Reviewed 09/01/22 minor changes.



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