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Notice to Members - New Loch Booking System


Following Committee agreement and with effect from 25th March 2023, a new secure online system will come into operation as the primary method for members to book boats on Fingask and Whiteloch, removing the need for telephone calls to the "Ghilliephone". This will allow real time visibility of boat bookings and remove the need for giving 24 hour notice before booking.

Using the BOAT BOOKING link on the website home page (in the Membership box), members will be required to select the loch to be fished and to "Create a new User Account". Upon submitting the details required and creating a personal password, a user profile will be registered and securely held. The boat can then be booked online, following the instructions given.

Subsequently, using the same BOAT BOOKING link from the website for either loch, bookings can be made using the email address and password (user profile) already created.

For members without email addresses or online facilities (or mobile phones!) the "Ghilliephone" will still be available as a last resort for an interim period. (There may be a delay in booking boats by this method as the phone will not be available 24 hours a day, unlike the online system!)

Any members unsure of the process above are welcome to contact for email support or to call the Gilliephone (07485445762) for assistance in the early stages of using the new system.


Sandy Brown (BRDAA Web)





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