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Blairgowrie Rattray and District Angling Association

Rules for Association fishing

General Rules

 Salmon Season: 15th January - 15th October     Trout Season: 15th March - 6th October

1. Members cannot participate in an Association event or fish Association waters until their annual subscription has been paid.
2. River and Loch convenors and committee members have the "Power of Search" for anglers on Association water.
3. All trout under 10 inches (25.4cm.) in length must be carefully returned to lochs or rivers.
4. Dogs may not accompany anglers whilst fishing the river or in the loch boats.
5. No litter to be discarded on the riverbanks or in Association boats. Please use any bins provided.
6. All anglers must use access roads and car parks sensibly, closing gates and respecting farmland and property.
7. Camping on riverbanks, nearby farmland and in Association car parks is not permitted.
8. Any member proven to be participating in illegal practices, poaching or in breach of Association rules may be expelled from the Association at the discretion of the committee.

River Rules

1. The sale of salmon and sea-trout from the rivers and the use of prawns, worms or shrimps for fishing are prohibited.
2. Fishing is not permitted in the following areas:
     A. Cargill's leap and channel area as per signposts.
     B. From the upstream croy at Blairgowrie Bridge, to 100yards (90metres)  below the  Bridge.
3. Waters above Blairgowrie Bridge are available to Association members only, and are for fly fishing only.
4. Junior members and visitors aged below 10 may only fish the river if accompanied by a responsible person aged over 18. This person will be responsible for the juniors safety & must exercise caution so that the safety of the junior is assured at all times. There may be no more than two juniors fishing per responsible person present. This rule applies to guest anglers & is a condition of ticket sale.
5. Anglers fishing downstream have right of way over those fishing upstream. All anglers are expected to show courtesy and not attempt to obstruct or impede other anglers unnecessarily. Upstream spinning for salmon is no longer allowed.
6. Spinning tackle rigs may have one hook only. Multiple hook spinners are not acceptable.
7. The Tay District Fisheries Board (TDSFB) Code for conservation of salmon stocks (see below) will be adhered to by all members and guests as a requirement of the salmon proprietors who generously allow the Association their fishing rights.

TDSFB Code Recommendations / BRDAA Rules

  1. TDSFB recommend that worms are only permitted as bait, for salmon or sea-trout fishing, during the months of June, July and August. Worming should only be undertaken with Circle hooks or Shelton release hooks. Association rules permit no worm fishing for salmon or sea trout at any time.

  2. It is a legal requirement that all salmon must be released between January 15th and March 31st. Association members will follow legal requirement.

  3. TDSFB recommend 100% catch and safe release all season Association rule is that all Salmon & Sea Trout are returned safely all season

 (Read the full guidelines from the TDSFB website here!)

Loch Rules
Please also refer to the Association notice board at Fingask Loch.

1. Membership number must be recorded when taking a boat. Only full members are permitted to book boats for visitors to the lochs and are responsible for the conduct of their sponsored visitors. Season & weekly river ticket holders may fish the lochs at guest rates.
2. Please use online Supersass system to book boats, or if not feasible, call 07485 445762 between 9am-6pm, at least a day ahead of required date. BRDAA membership number must be provided when booking.
3. Anglers may arrive at the lochs no earlier than 0830, to commence fishing at 0900.
4. Anglers fishing on their own may be asked to share their boat, if required, to accommodate other anglers.
5. Please note content of rule signs, displayed inside or outside the boathouse. Anglers are requested to dip their nets etc. in the disinfectant provided at the Fingask Loch boathouse, when required.

6. A maximum of two persons per boat on Whiteloch and three per boat on Fingask Loch are permitted to fish.
7.The minimum age for junior anglers is six years
8. Anglers and persons under 16 years of age must use buoyancy aids while fishing.
9. All anglers under 16 years must be accompanied in the boat by a person over 18 years, who is responsible at all times.

10. On Whiteloch, a maximum of three fish with no more than two brown trout can be retained, with any further being caught and released (up to a maximum of 10 fish overall), or fish “ catch and release" up to a maximum of 10 fish overall.
11. Fingask anglers may choose to retain up to a max of 4 fish then fish catch and release
(up to a maximum of 10 fish overall), or fish “ catch and release" up to a maximum of 10 fish.
12. Anglers are requested to treat fish with respect, handle carefully and not use methods which result in deep hooking of the trout.

13.Trolling from the boats is strictly prohibited.
14. No bank fishing is allowed on either of the lochs.
15. Fishing is by fly only, except for pike angling during the winter period when either fly, dead bait or spinner may be used.
16. Anglers are not permitted to leave the boats except, at the pier or boathouse.
17. Anglers must not abuse Association property or surrounding farmland.
18. No dogs to accompany anglers in boats, at either loch, when fishing.
19. No fires, or camping, in loch car parks, or adjacent farmland. No litter, please use bins provided.
20. All anglers must use access roads and car parks sensibly, respecting farmland and other property.
21. All committee members have the right to search any anglers equipment, if required.
22. Anglers who fail to leave boats and anchors in good order, risk losing privilege of fishing the lochs.
23. Any member or guest who indulges in illegal practices will be reported to the police. Anyone breaking rules on either loch will be asked to leave, forfeit any fish caught, and have their permission to fish withdrawn. The sponsoring member whose invitation has been abused will be asked to appear before the Committee and may forfeit membership rights.
24. At the conclusion of fishing, all anglers must return to the Fingask boathouse and fully complete the Catch Return for the loch they have been fishing. In respect of guests, both the name of the guest and their sponsoring member must be entered on the Catch Return. 

Salmon Returns

All anglers having caught salmon or sea trout during the season are required to submit returns for the year to the secretary, before 14th November. The association has a legal obligation to declare returns & failure to provide accurate figures may result in a fine to the association. Any angler known to be in breach of this rule may be asked to appear before the committee to account for their actions. (Print your copy here)

Recommended Catch and release methods

Try to either remove the hook from the salmon / sea trout whilst the fish is in the water or use a knotless net to support the fish in the water. Avoid “beaching” fish, lifting by the tail, handling fish with dry hands, squeezing or otherwise stressing or harming the fish in any way. Remove hooks quickly, use a disgorger or forceps if required. Consider the use of barbless or microbarbed hooks. Fish single hooked flies / lures if possible. Return fish quickly with a minimum amount of contact. If the fish is exhausted, support the fish in a knotless net facing upstream & release only when able to swim away un-aided. Avoid handling fish to photograph or weigh them. Estimate weights by length & girth estimates.

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