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Blairgowrie, Rattray & District Angling Association      

Notice to Members

Changes to 2022 fishing access on Fingask & Whiteloch.

Boat booking 9 am to 6 pm,  contact number 07485445762  Please ensure bookings are arranged a minimum of 1 day ahead.

To simplify  the fishing operation at both Whiteloch & Fingask the committee have decided to move entirely to a keyless system to access the boats & boathouse.


Both the pier and boats on Whiteloch will have combination locks in operation. On booking boat(s) the angler will be given the entry code required - boats and pier will have to be secured again at end of fishing session.


Entry to the boathouse will be by the existing door which will have a combination door lock mechanism installed allowing the door to be opened and closed from both interior and exterior by numerical code. Outside boats will have combination locks on securing chains, codes will be made known as required - boats will have to be secured again at end of fishing session.

Payment System

All anglers will make payment prior to fishing and will be required to deposit correct money due into the blue wall safe in the boathouse. Please bring the correct money for session as there will be no person present to give change. Envelopes provided in the boathouse for payment of sessions will require the following information - Date / Name / Membership Number / Payment amount made. Guests will be required to state who is sponsoring them unless it is a booked club competition. Boathouse door is to be kept locked at all times.


 Please be aware that CCTV is in operation around the farm, lochs boat pier areas, farmhouse and at boathouse internal area. The interior of the boathouse should only be accessible to permitted anglers and guests, a camera will record those people entering the boathouse and making payment which will be verified by the completed envelopes in the safe.

Monies will be removed from the safe on a regular basis.  

This change should make the operation of the lochs more manageable and safer for all concerned. It will also allow evenings sessions to be reintroduced on both lochs. Hopefully the change will be successful and allow the association waters to remain accessible at what may be the lowest price in Scotland.

 Please follow any Covid rules if applicable.

Sanitising spray will be available for use if required at anglers discretion.


Thank you for your support.

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