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Blairgowrie, Rattray & District Angling Association

Season 2023 Information
Honorary President; Jamie Macpherson

Chairman; S. Dornan; Vice Chairmen; S. Brown
& A. Campbell ,Treasurer ; P. Hastie, Temp Secretary ;  Peter Lock.
                               D. Hogg, P. Assenti, N. Pyper, A. Lees, G. Kellie, D. Bell,  J. Dornan, C. Campbell, G. Robertson, P. Chambers

River Ericht Convenor
G. Kellie 07760115823    Assisted by J. Dornan


                                                     Members & Guests General Rules

1. Members cannot participate in Association events or fish Association waters until annual subscription is paid.

2. River & Loch convenors & committee members have the "Power of Search" for anglers on Association waters for  

    all members & guests. If required telephone Tay District Bailiffs 01738583733 or River Convenor 07411646192

3. All trout of less than 10 inches (25.4cm.) in length must be carefully returned to lochs or rivers.
4. No dogs to accompany anglers whilst fishing on the river or in the loch boats.
5. No litter to be discarded on the riverbanks or in Association boats. Please use bins provided at lochs.
6. All anglers must use access roads and car parks sensibly closing gates and respecting farmland and other property.
7. No camping on riverbanks, adjacent farmland or in Association car parks.

8. Members or guests proven to be participating in illegal practices or in breach of the Association rules may be

    expelled from the Association or barred from future guest ticket purchase at the discretion of the committee.

Loch Rules; Please refer to Association notice board at Fingask Loch for current rules. Membership number must be     

    recorded when taking a boat. Only members are permitted to book boats for visitors to the lochs and are responsible   

    for the conduct of their sponsored visitors. Season & weekly river ticket holders may fish the lochs at guest rates.

Loch bookings: Call 07485445762 between 9am - 6pm a minimum of one day ahead of required date or use

 Supersass system when introduced. View website for Supersass system introduction news.


   River Rules

    Rattray Bank Fishings known as West Grange Fishings are included in the Association Waters and may be fished  

    according to the rota and map on guest tickets and information on this sheet. Anglers may use the car park areas

    indicated on the ticket map and also access car parking at Easter Parkhead ( Note disinfectant requirements).

1. The sale of Salmon and Sea-trout, the use of prawns, worms or shrimps for salmon or sea trout fishing is  

2. Please note, Guest ticket holders can only fish from Blairgowrie Bridge beat downstream with waters upstream   

    reserved for BRDAA members and West Grange Guests only. Fishing is not permitted in the following areas:

A. Cargill's leap and channel area as per signposts.

B. From the upstream croy at Blairgowrie Bridge, to 100yards (90 metres) below the Bridge. Beat limits are marked.
3. Junior and visitor members below age 10 may fish the river if accompanied by a responsible person aged over 18.  

    This person will be responsible for the junior’s safety & must exercise caution so that safety of the junior (s) is   

     assured at all times. No more than 2 juniors may fish per responsible person present as a condition of ticket sale.
4. Anglers fishing downstream have right of way over those fishing upstream. All anglers are expected to show courtesy  

    and not attempt to obstruct or impede other anglers unnecessarily. Please remember ”cast & step”, do not hog

    the pools when others are waiting to fish.
5. Salmon & Sea Trout fishing is by “Fly” only. Spinning will be permitted if at 9 AM the water level is above the red

    painted markers on the new gauges as follows. A. Marker positioned on the Rattray Bank upstream of Blairgowrie   

    Bridge weir and B. By viewing online the red level marker as displayed on the Farson digital camera website image.  

    And observing new gauge markers at the Dump Pool and Cement Dykes pool.

    No upstream spinning permitted. Spinning tackle rigs may have one hook only, at the tail of the lure.

6. Government law is that salmon must be released back into the water between 15 January and 31 March. This is a  

    legal requirement, even if a fish is dead. Failure to do so may result in a criminal conviction.

   The Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board (TDSFB) Code for conservation of salmon will be adhered to by all    

   members and guests and is a requirement of the salmon proprietors who generously allow use of fishing rights.     

   TDSFB Season 2023. All salmon, Grilse and Sea Trout should be released during the complete season.

    Updated guidelines and catch / release information are on the internet if required, view TDSFB website.

7. Marine Scotland & TDSFB require information from the Association annually including catch records and  

    fishing effort. Failure to supply this information may result in a financial penalty to the Association therefore

    anglers fishing for Salmon / Sea Trout are required to complete the returns form attached and send it to the  

    Association even if no fish are caught. Any angler known to be in breach of the above requirement will be  

    asked to appear before the committee to account for their actions and may have their river access withdrawn

    if known to be in breach of the rules.

                                      Report your catches as below, please.

Please contact either Crockarts ( 01250872056 or ) or Kate

Flemings Tackle Shop ( 01250873990 or ) to report daily catches,

weights and any other information for records and website. Association members and guests

fishing West Grange Fishings waters (Rattry Bank)are required to inform West Grange

Fishing manager Andrew Lees on ( 07875154399  or ) with days information.


                                                                         *  New BRDAA Members & WGF guests Rule Post 2023 AGM *

Both WGF Guests and BRDAA members may fish above Blairgowrie Bridge following the rota when fishing
for trout, salmon & sea-trout.  Whoever has the upper beat has access from midnight until 1pm, whoever
 has lower beat access from 1pm to midnight to beats on both banks from the bridge to the top of
Tordarroch.  From the Lornty burn down to Tordarroch as marked by signs remains out of bounds on the Blairgowrie bank. Fishing Blairgowrie bank pool Tinkletap remains single bank only.



    Salmon/ Sea trout Jan 15th to Oct 15th

Trout Mar 15th to Oct 6th 

 Grayling Oct 16th to Feb 14th



      Salmon / Sea-Trout

Trout & Grayling










Beat A, Upper beat.








From marker sign below Blairgowrie Bridge to marker


Upper   (A)

Lower  (B)


Upper   (A)

Lower  (B)

sign at lade outlet adjacent to East Mill.





Lower  (B)

Upper   (A)


Lower  (B)

Upper   (A)








Upper   (A)

Lower  (B)


Upper   (A)

Lower  (B)

                                  Beat B, Lower beat.




Lower  (B)

Upper   (A)


Lower  (B)

Upper   (A)

From the marker sign at lade outlet adjacent to East Mill





Upper   (A)

Lower  (B)


Upper   (A)

Lower  (B)

 down to boundary limits above Kitty Swanson’s bridge.







Lower  (B)

Upper   (A)


Lower  (B)

Upper   (A)

BRDAA: BRDAA Members & Guests





Upper   (A)


WGF, West Grange Fishings Guests



            Guest Anglers :Monday to Friday only            


River Returns Form (Salmon & Sea Trout)

 All returns by Nov 1st. Guest angler at permit end date, mail to A. Lees, West Grange Fishings, Aberbothrie PH10 7HJ

 or by E-mailing photo of completed return form using link or by message.

 By placing return in tackle shop letter boxes at either Kate Flemings or Crockarts or handing form into the shops.

Fish Catch Date(s)

Rattray Bank

Blairgowrie Bank

Salmon Weight

Grilse Weight

Sea Trout Weight


Fishing Days per Month

Month Total




































































































                                     Record farmed fish. Placing F in weight box. Name……………………..........                     Membership / Guest Ticket No…………………


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