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Membership Application Changes -Associate Members                         12/04/21

In response to members enquiries and requests reference anglers joining the association even though residing outside of the qualifying postcodes of PH10, 11, 12 & 13 discussion by members of committee has resulted in the following change.  

A total of 30 Associate Members will be permitted to join the association. As with all applications for memberships the applicants will require to be proposed & seconded by 2 current paid members and their completed application must be approved by the committee. The new memberships are primarily for access to the lochs, however 10 memberships will be permitted to fish the river as per terms below as well.

 The new members will be known as Associate Members (AM),  and the following terms will apply;

1. (AM) cannot propose or second new member applications.

2. (AM) are not permitted to vote at the AGM though they are welcome to take part in discussions and to express their opinions.

3. New (AM) who wish to fish the river Ericht also, will be limited to a maximum of 10 places. They will pay the standard joining fee but will pay an increased annual subscription fee.

4. The Ericht waters available to (AM) will be from below the Blairgowrie road bridge down to the lower limit at Kitty Swanson’s footbridge as per BRDAA rota & rules.

 All accepted "lochs only" applicants will pay £35 to join, £35 annual subscription and current member fee of £16 per session when fishing the lochs.

Junior applicants will pay annual subscription fee of £6 and no joining fee, paying £9 per session on the lochs.

Applicants fishing the river will pay joining fee of £35 & an annual subscription of £75

Fees may alter for all members in time and if so then all members will be bound by changes.

(AM) who pay the increased subscription rate for river access will be able to fish lochs also, as per terms for all members, at current rates.

Please note that all AM membership payments must be received by the first of March annually, otherwise AM membership will lapse and a new application form must be submitted.


Secretary & Treasurer                                                                                                                

Peter Lock,   

Whiteloch Farm,                                                                                                                                                                          


Perthshire PH10 6QN                                                                                    



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